Stokehill Education and Training, Farming at Stokehill

What happens on the farm?

Our farm is a traditional holding in south Somerset.  Seven hectares of grassland lead towards Alfred's Tower. 


A mixed farm has existed here for hundreds of years, farming different animals and crops over time.  For over thirty years until 2001, a dairy herd of Jersey cows grazed the fields.


We use the fields to make herb-rich hay and as grazing for a registered flock of Shetland sheep



Stokehill Education and Training, farming at Stokehill


We also have a pair of semi-wild New Forest ponies, who are just about halter-trained.  They co-graze the land with the sheep.  Co-grazing means using different types of livestock on fields, which has benefits for the animals as well as for the biodiversity

Stokehill Education and Training, Farm Education

Our poultry consists of free range hens of various descriptions and Guinea Fowl.  Unfortunately we have to replace hens more frequently than we would like because we have foxes living on the farm.  In attempts to preserve our flock, we have made their fortifications more elaborate - they are free to roam the farm all day, but at dusk they are shut into a large run, which leads to their house, complete with automatically closing door.

Stokehill Education and Training, Guinea fowl, Farm Education
Stokehill Education and Training, Guinea fowl, Farm Education


We have wildflower meadows and orchards, springs, a pond and a stream. These, along with the ancient and species-rich hedges, provide a wonderful habitat for numerous bird and insect species and a stimulating environment for learning.