Science from the farm CPD
"Intensive,!"         "It's really opened my eyes to the possibilities"

Teacher CPD

There is increasing evidence that teaching science in the context of topics can positively impact engagement and achievement.  


"Recent research indicates that more than 90% of teachers think that it is important for children to learn about the countryside.  At Stokehill, whether we are covering key curriculum topics, discussing how to plan a farm visit, or exploring ways of using the school grounds, my aim is for teachers to leave feeling confident and full of new ideas."

Debbie Hicks

Increase your confidence in tackling practical science work, update your subject knowledge and explore ways of identifying and tackling possible student misconceptions.

Leave with fun, practical and creative ideas to enable your pupils to learn about plants, animals, natural processes and Working Scientifically.

Primary CPD


 Secondary CPD

Key Stages 3 and 4

  • Developing a School Garden for Science, Wellbeing and More

  • Working Scientifically Outdoors

  • Teaching about Global Food Security

  • Teaching Plant Science and Ecology


Leaf Education Teacher CPD

These sessions are offered at Stokehill through Leaf Education


  • This term, our Theme is Farming

  • Science from the Farm 

  • Running a Food and Farming Fortnight in your school (primary or secondary)


Cost of Teacher CPD £45 per session - but a limited number of FREE places are available. Get in touch to find out more about these.

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Ask about:  CPD for PGCE students and NQTs, agri-careers advice and about arranging for any of these course to run in your school, giving you flexibility about dates and times; bespoke sessions can also be arranged.

Which dough will rise the most?
Fleece v fleece as insulators
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Science from the farm

Pick up some new ideas for teaching 'Science from the farm' from this article by Debbie Hicks, first published in September 2016  in the Association for Science Education journal Primary Science