What about development of skills?

At Stokehill, as much emphasis is put on skills development as on content.  A range of approaches can be used for every topic.


 If you are using your farm visit or outreach session to consolidate a topic, you will hope for a different approach from a visit used as an introduction.


If your group are finding a topic challenging and you are hoping for reinforcement activities, a different approach will be needed from that used for stretch and challenge or to develop independent learning skills.


Three main alternative teaching approaches are used for each programme of study area at Key Stages 2 - 4.



We can fine tune the details when arranging your visit, but if you would like to explore the different approaches offered at Stokehill,  follow the links below.  Remember the different skills approaches offered when you look through the Key Stage content pages.

Stokehill Embed

Some topics are conceptually quite difficult for most pupils


Some pupils need more or different ways of exploring a topic before they can fully understand it.


Embed activities are designed to reinforce and consolidate the grasp of topics that may have already been covered at school

See a sample page from an Embed activity worksheet
Stokehill Enrich


Enrich activities are designed to provide a little additional stretchand  challenge, to encourage development of cross-curricular skills, including literacy of numeracy and to generate even more enthusiasm for science. 

See a sample page from an Enrich activity worksheet


Stokehill Extend


















activities focus on developing critical thinking and independent learning skills.  


The Extend activities are suitable for more able pupils.  They are designed to provide additional demand for Gifted and Talented Pupils, as part of a programme of preparation for Scholarship examinations or Common Entrance, or just to give a group something to really get their teeth into in the outdoor environment.



See a sample page from an Extend activity worksheet