Stokehill farm school visits

What is a typical Embed session like?

Embed activities are designed to reinforce and consolidate the grasp of topics that may have already been covered at school

 The following example uses the Key Stage 3 Science topic 



Skeletal and Muscular Systems


This requires pupils to know and understand:



Structure and functions of the human skeleton, to include support, protection, movement and making blood cells


Biomechanics – the interaction between skeleton and muscles, including the measurement of force exerted by different muscles


The function of muscles and examples of antagonistic muscles




The Skeleton Walk





This Embed session will revisit all of the content from the programme of study as shown above, with a focus on


Reinforcement of key concepts and vocabulary


Bringing the theory to life using farm livestock and wildlife found on the farm



An introductory session in the class barn will be followed by a farm walk, where a range of skeletal forms will be observed and discussed.  The worksheet can be completed during the walk, in the plenary or later at school, depending on your requirements.

Stokehill farm school visits
Stokehill Embed