Stokehill Advanced level Biology fieldwork

Which Advanced Level Activities are covered at Stokehill?



One Day Courses


Despite their unquestionable value, it can be increasingly difficult to justify the time and cost of residential field trips.  At Stokehill, these sessions, which run from 10.00 a.m. until 4.00 p.m.,  focus on developing the specific knowledge and skills required to tackle the specific practical activities shown below.


The day begins with an initial farm walk, where an overview of the relevant biological concepts and sampling techniques will be explored.


This will be followed by the practical activity, finishing with a discussion of its findings. 


If you would like to request a preparatory student support session or follow up session  in school, please ask.

Edexcel AS and A level Biology A or B 



3.3 Biodiversity

​Investigate biodiversity within a habitat at the species level using a formula to calculate an index of diversity 



Core Practical 15: Investigate the effect of different sampling methods on estimates of the size of a population taking into account the safe and ethical use of organisms.



Core Practical 16: Investigate the effect of one abiotic factor on the distribution or morphology of one species taking into account the safe and ethical use of organisms. 

AQA Biology 7402


Required practical 12: Investigation into the effect of a named environmental factor on the distribution of a given species.



OCR Biology A H020, H420


Sampling Techniques:    The calculation of species diversity 

Cost of one day courses


£45 per student, provided numbers exceed five.

Half Day Course


OCR Biology B H022, H422


Farms as ecosystems

The potential for conflict between agriculture and conservation



NB This session can also be run in school.


Cost of half day courses


£25 per student, provided numbers exceed five.



Please note that transport costs to Stokehill are not included and that lunch is not provided.  Pupils should bring a packed lunch for one day courses.

Stokehill Advanced level Biology fieldwork
Stokehill Advanced Level Biology fieldwork